A prayer journal to draw near to Jesus and delight in His presence. Read the Bible, pray consistently for those around you, and allow God's truth to anchor your heart in this busy world. Combining world class, biblical teaching from Jani Ortlund and helpful journal pages to transform your quiet times, this resource was designed to help you grow deeper in relationship with Christ. TABS I GOD'S WORD, PRAYER, ADORATION, CONFESSION, THANKSGIVING, SUPPLICATION (DAILY & DAYS OF THE WEEK), SCRIPTURE MEDITATION. See our product info tab for more details!



    - Each journal contains lessons taken directly from Jani Ortlund's discipleship group on reading God's Word, prayer, and Scripture meditation. Jani ends each lesson by sharing the methods/ tools she has used over the last 45 years to pursue the Lord in each area.

    - Instructions/ interactive journal pages to personalize the lessons and make Jani's helpful tools your own.



    GOD'S WORD I Journal pages with who are you, Lord? and what shall I do, Lord? to help you draw nearer to Jesus through daily time in His Word.


    PRAYER I Instructions/separate journal sections for;

         - ADORATION

         - CONFESSION

         - THANKSGIVING I Journal pages to praise God and list out one thousand blessings over the course of a year

         - SUPPLICATION I A DAILY tab designed to help you pray each day for the ones you hold dear, such as your family members. Tabs for each DAY OF THE WEEK. These tabs are designed to encourage you to pray weekly over various groups; such as your sweet friends, small group, extended family, church, world and nation, goals, miscellaneous requests, etc.


    SCRIPTURE MEDITATION I Teaching on what Scripture meditation is and journal pages to help you keep track of the verses you are meditating on throughout the year.